Path to 100 Customers – Month 5

With another month in the rearview mirror, I am sticking to my self-made promise to get these posts out much faster and more frequently. After all, I don’t need to write a novel :P.

This month has been HUGE for Panda Copy. We again nearly DOUBLED the business both in terms of revenue and customer counts, and the team has been hard at work creating tons of great copy for our customers.

As expected, at the start of January we saw a flurry of new customers at a rate of almost 1 new trial customer per day. Thankfully with our systems and process built out, the growth was sustainable and manageable.

We’re now finally at a point where we have redundancies built out in almost every function of the business. This is a major stress relief on my shoulders, but there is still a TON of work to keep growing efficiently.

Major Accomplishments for January:

  1. We rolled out a brand new “Dedicated Plan,” which has had significant interest and we’re actively onboarding clients. We’re looking to add more writers focused specifically on these types of plans. Know anyone? We’re hiring!
  2. We’ve added two new part-time editors to help with the increase in projects and customers. This will start to provide blocks of time to allow our senior editor, Katherine, to perform more of the day-to-day management of the team.
  3. We signed 2 major contracts to help us hit the next stage of growth in 2021.
    1. Firstly, we signed up with The Affiliate Pros to help spread the word of our affiliate program and grow our new customer base. From prior experience, Panda Copy is PERFECT for this type of marketing.
    2. We started the process of hiring a contracted development agency to help start fleshing out a new user experience. Yes, we’ve hit the limits of what we can do with our mesh of plugins and extensions.  This will be a (relatively) significant investment but will allow us to grow efficiently to 100, 200, and 500 clients on a custom based workflow system.
  4. We signed up our first “bulk” order containing over 80 articles, and have been on pace to beat our contracted delivery date.

Overall I’m extremely proud of where the team has grown in such a short time, and I feel confident that over the next few months we’ll be on track to scale consistently. On that note, financially speaking, these next few months will be tight and most likely we will not earn any meaningful profit – which is fine for now.

As we continue to make substantial marketing and product development investments into the business, I have still opted to not take any money out of the business. Yes – only insane people work 5 months and receive no pay :).

The team is essentially staffed up and ready to hit another 25 customers without batting an eye, so let’s go!

The areas of focus this month will be on acquiring customers to put our Pandas to work! So, expect to see more Facebook campaigns, as well as a launch in Google and possibly LinkedIn while we wait for the goodness of the affiliate program to pay off.

And last but not least…here are the numbers you’re waiting to see….

Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan ‘21
# of NEW


9 18 21 10 14 25
# of Tickets 42 159 307 267 385 691
# of Pandas 4 4 7 5 7 13

In total at the end of January, we’re at about 50 customers give or take a couple…so HALFWAY to our goal of 100!

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