Black Friday Sales Tips

Black Friday is coming, and it’s time to step up your game! You have no time to waste, so here are seven smart ideas to promote your business during Black Friday:

Plan Ahead

On a normal day, marketing preparations will entail a host of things to do. During a Black Friday Sale, the preparation tasks multiply a thousand times. Your initial marketing preparations should include:

  • Auditing your website’s content and performance: check the website’s browsing and loading speed and make sure your site visitors will not leave after sticking it out for 3 seconds. A slow-loading website is a no-no!
  • Updating your product descriptions: update and make product descriptions customers can’t resist. Use “big” words that appeal to your customer base.
  • Blasting email and copies: create content for email distribution and the website, and make sure that they are enticing and convincing enough for customer action.
  • Coming up with cool promotional materials: get your creative group to design catchy promotional materials.
  • Adjusting your pricing and discounts: identify and mark the products that will carry big discounts. Also, put a price tag for products with smaller discounts.

Be Active On Social Media And Build Anticipation

A significant number of shoppers are using online shopping apps. Take advantage of that. Flood your social media page with announcements, banners, and what-have-you campaigns telling your customers about the upcoming big day sale!

Just be careful. Do everything in moderation. You would not want your social media account or your site’s domain to be considered as spam.

On the other hand, you should start building anticipation for your business a month before Black Friday. Tease your customer base with all the potential products you have that will go on sale. You can also create a mood for scarcity by allowing pre-orders on select products.

Offer Bundled Products And Make Them Exclusive

Instead of just giving away discounts, make the bundle or product packages that are hard to resist. Also, don’t be satisfied with buy one get one (BOGO) offers. Take it to the next level and go for buy five for the price of three or anything similar. Of course, choose the products carefully.

Urgency and scarcity are the two major driving forces behind Black Friday. Take advantage of those two, and instead of just bundling products, make them exclusive! A good example is to make a certain valuable bundle only available to customers with loyalty cards.

Take Care Of Customers  In Your Loyalty Program

Do you have a loyalty program? Use that database to send your loyal customers with special offers/rewards based on the analyzed customer behavior. Also, don’t forget to give them “secret access” to some of your Black Friday deals.

Of course, you don’t need to focus on your customer base alone. Black Friday is the best time for you to expand your reach and get some new leads. An easy way to do that is to give away referral-base discounts.

Offer Daily or Hourly Flash Sales

A lot of your customers usually stare at the phone screens waiting for flash sales to pop up. Consumers are hooked on their mobile phone day in and day out. If you take advantage of that by inserting flash sales pop up on your mobile store app, your customers will keep coming back.

Do Some Charity On The Side

Offer to donate a percentage of your customer’s purchase to charity. This will make them feel good and not guilty for splurging. It also helps boost your brand. Kindheartedness doesn’t go unnoticed. Your customers will remember your company for your generosity.

Be More Aggressive With Your Marketing Campaigns

Since most of the Black Friday deal grabbers are shopping online, offer them free shipping for a targeted purchase amount. You should know that when you offer free shipping, your customers are likely to add more items to their shopping cart to take advantage of your generous offer.

Another thing to do is to connect with influencers from YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Let them advertise for you and convert their audience as leads for you.

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